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15kg Weigh Scale

15kg/2g resolution scale shown, 30kg/5g resolution scale available (weigh up to 3 slabs). Data is collected via serial port and wireless transmission to host computer, up to 500 meters away, longer with optional antennae.

Weight Graph

Software is configurable for weight reading intervals from 1 minute to 30 minutes. Screen can display from 1 hour to 1 month of data. Files are stored in Excel (.CSV) format. Weight can also be graphed and displayed as a percentage of a target weight.

15kg Weigh Scale

3 slabs on 30kg scale

Weight Graph

Control System Enclosure

Do you want to precisely control water
uptake to your greenhouse plants?

Here is an indispensable tool for automatic weigh-scale based data collection of water uptake of plantings.

The scale system will remotely transmit weight information to a computer, graph the weight and log the data to a file.

Now in use at Topgro and Mount Lehman greenhouses.

Benefits and features:

1. Use this tool to help give plants the exact amount of water. You will use less water and achieve higher yields. Monitor the growth cycle precisely.

2. Measure the exact change in weight with the software measure tool. Click any 2 points on graphs and find out elapsed time and weight, expressed in grams and percent change.

3. Li-ion battery keeps scale working for 90 hours in the event of a power failure.

4. System is simple to install and maintain, and includes a laptop computer pre-configured to run the software consistently.

What is included:

1. Weigh scale, your choice of 15kg or 30kg.

2. Wireless transmitter/receiver and cables.

3. Laptop computer including custom data collection/graphing software.

4. 1 year parts and labour warranty.


1. Stainless steel platform for 1 slab
  (80 cm x 18 cm x 1 cm)

2. Stainless steel platform for 2 slabs
  (160 cm x 18 cm x 1 cm)

3. Non wireless RS-485 serial scale connection (suitable for short distances)

4. Longer range antennae pair (increase range up to 1500 m)

5. Multiple scales graphed on the same screen: (Please call for more information and pricing on this option). We are able to read data from various scale manufactures.

6. Battery backup for scales, keeps data flowing in event of a power outage.

For orders out of the Lower Mainland, a complete package with installation instructions ships FOB from Abbotsford, BC or Sumas, WA

Custom solutions available.







1. Base system: $2,825, terms: Visa or 50% deposit, balance net 30.
2. Installation included, with free delivery anywhere in Lower Mainland of BC
3. Delivery: 5 to 7 calendar days.





For more information, please call: Gary Cook at 604.870.0340 (Abbotsford, BC) or email: gcook@comautotech.com, or info@comautotech.com

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